The Drowned (Hukkuneet)

The Mediterranean Sea is the largest mass grave in Europe. Some 30.000 people have perished while attempting to cross the sea. Every one of them was a father or mother, child, brother or sister to someone else.

The Drowned tells the story, in words and images, of those lost while crossing the Mediterranean Sea and the traces they left. The book follows in their footsteps in Italy, Greece and Spain. It gives a voice to people whose line of work or place or recidence puts them in touch with the dead. The photographs are of personal objects, graves, shipwrecks, the sea, that which remains when the persons themselves are gone.

Writer Taina Tervonen
Published by Kustantamo S&S, 2016.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Airin Bahman

Habiba Ali

Ermin Zec

Lan Le-Gävert

Abdifatah Ibrahim

Javiera Marchant Aedo

Ye Yint Thet Zwe

Hozan Omar

I Was A Refugee (Ennen Olin Pakolainen)

Fourty-one persons who have moved to Finland from different parts of the world and from different cultures tell their own story: who they used to as they were escaping unbearable circumstances, and who they are today as part of Finnish society.

Editor Markku Kähkönen
Published by Kustantamo S&S, 2016

Poikkeustila 2020 (State of Emergency)

The state of emergency caused by the coronavirus brought about a change in the purchasing behaviour of Finns. I chose to photograph the groceries that people rushed to hoard in their homes, everyday items that ran out on store shelves.

In addition, I photographed the grocery store employees who worked on the so-called front lines during the corona period. They were exposed to the virus daily, facing the effects of the pandemic so that basic societal functions could continue.

Poikkeustila 2020 is a visual collection of memory traces from the spring when everything changed. Some 160 photographers are behind the shots.

Normaalitila (Normal State)

Normal State is a collaboration between twelve photographers that brings together documentary work from the extended pandemic period. It is a continuation of the State of Emergency project published in 2021.

On March 16, 2023, exactly three years have passed since the Finnish Government declared a state of emergency to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. That same day marked the publication of the photo work Normaalitila (RAW VIEW Editions), produced and edited by documentary photography expert and publisher Hannamari Shakya.

Edvida Kabuo

Juha Kurikka

Erkki Nieminen

Nina Lahtinen

Shener Basha

Maissi Salmi

Ari Martinaho

Jenni Väisänen

Tom Svennevig

Mun Martsari is a series of portraits and stories where residents talk about their relationship with Martinlaakso, the district where they live.

The pictures were published in cooperation with the Martinlaakso Cultural Center and the city of Vantaa, and have been permanently placed in urban spaces in Martinlaakso. The work was performed in collaboration with journalist Kaisa Viitanen.